Why Buy From Us?

Setting out to create the image of modern India. Sejal Kamdar is a brand that straddles the present while rooted in India's heritage of draped form and tradition of artistry. The label epitomizes an elegant and relatively understated sense of style with strong emphasis on naturally dyed, hand woven and luxuriously detailed hand embroidery luxe rich textiles. It infused traditional contemporary clothing with a unique sense of style n understated elegance through the cut, construct and finish Of Sejal Kamdar silhouettes.. Fashion house established in 2009. The brand makes clothing that is graceful, stylish and timeless. The label reflects the best of contemporary young Indian fashion, that's clever yet commercial, timely yet timeless. The label embodies the spirit of femineity and strength by breaking the monotony in refreshing silhouettes. These richly detailed structured drapes are crafted to lend an edge to modern Indian woman. Across couture, occasion wear and ready to wear, the designer's studio creates unique combinations of historical opulence and contemporary chic through the fine crafts and textiles of India.