About Us

Best known for her eponymous Label, Sejal Kamdar is much revered in the industry.

The designer’s spirit resonates with the rhythmic heartbeat of indigenous art forms and embraces the essence of the Ajrakh print since she was raised in the beautiful traditions of her culturally diverse childhood.

The designer spirit was surrounded by an enchanted spell that was weaved by the dance of intricate patterns, the symphony of vivid colours, and the gentle caress of expert craftsmanship.

Sejal’s philosophy is about innovation with regards to the Indian style while also keeping it extremely relevant to the modern world.

Established in 2009 in Nagpur , the brand works mainly on Ajrakh which is an age old block printing technique and offers structured peplums, expertly tailored jackets, contemporary co-ord sets, traditional kurta set, jumpsuits, sculptured drape dresses, gowns , contemporary lehengas etc.

Sejal's design alchemy orchestrates a seamless mix of history and modernity, where the ancient whispers of Ajrakh meet the modern pulse. Where each piece of clothing presenting a story of cultural grandeur and careful craftsmanship.

Sejal's creations, which were praised on the biggest platform in fashion, graced the Lakmé Fashion Week's runway in 2022 and 2023 like ethereal angels, showcasing her limitless talent.

Sejal Kamdar is all about finding your own personal style and having the dream and vision to express them to the world around you.